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I am opening commissions for March 2018.

Edit: March commissions full! Thank you!

I will provide a limited number of commission slots which I will list below.

If you are interested in getting one of the commissions, send me a note Note  and tell me which you want to get as well as what subject matter you want. In the case of multiple people being interested in the same commission slot, I will prioritize based on who notes me first, but I will also try to provide a drawing for as many customers as possible. (So if you ask for multiple slots, I may only be able to do one of those for you. Please let me know in the note which slot is most important for you if you ask for several.)

As commissions fill up I will update this journal.

Commission prices <--behind this link!

  • Sketch Commission 1: Color bust sketch $40: week of March 3rd-9th
  • Sketch Commission 2: Color bust sketch $40: week of March 3rd-9th
  • Sketch Commission 3: Color torso sketch $50: week of March 10th-16th
  • Sketch Commission 4: Color full figure sketch $60: week of March 17th-23rd
  • Sketch Commission 5: Color Two(2) full figures sketch $95: week of March 24th-30th
  • Full color Commission 6: full color pinup- 1 figure $200: March 3rd-16th
  • Full Color Commission 7: full color scene- multiple figures $300: March 17th-30th
  • Bonus Commission 8: Color Torso sketch: Week of March 10th to 16th
When you note me, be sure to say which slot(s) you are interested in getting, and what you want to get drawn. Also include your Paypal email address and links to any reference images you would like me to consider.

I'll contact you back and let you know if you got the spot, and send you an invoice via Paypal shortly before I begin work on your commission. Thanks in advance, I am curious to see how this works out.

Thanks as always for the work and for the interest in the art!

WynterDark2 by Jebriodo
Wynter Dark #2, continuing the post-snowpocalyptic tale written by Peter Ford, drawn by me, colored by Seth Justus will be for sale on Comixology Weds, February 21st, 2018.…

You can catch up on issue #1 over there too:

Now available! Wynter Dark Issue 1!

Written by: Pete Ford 
Art by: Jed Dougherty
Colored by: Seth Justus
Lettered by: Janice Chiang
Price: $3.99
Buy now on comiXology!

Wynter Dark, the post-snowpocalyptic adventure comic written by Pete Ford, drawn by myself, beautifully colored by Seth Justus and lettered by the award-winning Janice Chiang, is finally coming out!

commission Queen Wynter by Jebriodo
Issue 1 will be available January 10th on Comixology
Issue 2 will be out in February!
More information over on the Wynter Dark Facebook Page:

I am very excited about this!
Hello everyone!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
I had a very good birthday and I'd like to take a moment to showcase the various artworks and gift art I got through the year (and last year)! Thank you all very much for these, and I hope I can make something at least as nice for all of you this coming year.

First off, Thank you dyveira for the subscription! Thanks to you, I can post all these thumbnails here:

Thank you devmgf for this Swagger birthday picture:

Mature Content

jebriodo's Swagger by devmgf

And thank you JanRockitnik for this birthday Fisticuff:
Last Penny in the Arcade by JanRockitnik

In addition, here are the tons of artworks people have gifted or traded to me in the past 2 years:

Lots of dA muscle babes by Ritualist
  Christmas portraits by maistromanuel 

Mature Content

Fisticuff by EdgarSlam

Mature Content

Red VS Fisticuff - 1 of 10 by EdgarSlam

Mature Content

Red VS Fisticuff - 2 of 10 by EdgarSlam

Mature Content

Red VS Fisticuff - 3 of 10 by EdgarSlam

Mature Content

Red VS Fisticuff - 4 of 10 by EdgarSlam

Mature Content

Red VS Fisticuff - 5 of 10 by EdgarSlam

Mature Content

Red VS Fisticuff - 6 of 10 by EdgarSlam

Mature Content

Red VS Fisticuff - 7 of 10 - Fisti Victory by EdgarSlam

Mature Content

Red VS Fisticuff - 8 of 10 - Fisti Victory by EdgarSlam

Mature Content

Red VS Fisticuff - 9 of 10 - Red Victory by EdgarSlam

Mature Content

Red VS Fisticuff - 10 of 10 - Red Victory by EdgarSlam
It's my bday so I draw this for Jeb lol by Pokkuti  This is Happening pg 9 by hulkdaddyg  Nexus Sigma: Deviants and Dragons Pt4 by VexVersion 

Mature Content

Fisticuff by devmgf
  infinity fisticuff by facfacfac  infinity fisticuff by facfacfac 
Fisty by hulkdaddyg  DU - Trading Cards - Fisticuff by Stegoceras 

Mature Content

Don't mess with Fisticuff by devmgf
  Fisticuff and Alterkate [Valentine's day special] by Kaywest  Jebriodo Art Trade by LordDaroth 

Mature Content

Planet AFL - Epilogue - Page 24 by Speedslide
  Lounge Scare by hulkdaddyg  Fisticuff by DepravedDefense  Just Treats Please! by Wobbleblot-Alt  Fisticuff! by AmateurUnleaded 
dA Friends 2013 by hulkdaddyg
Colored versions of my drawings:
cryobite sketch by jebriodo (reColor) by ChromaSplicer  Zira Study by SimonLMoore  Big Tango Girl - Christmas Eve by WickedBust  Big Tango Girl - Dance Fever by WickedBust  Fitting Clothes by WickedBust 

Mature Content

Soeur Mathilda by WickedBust

Mature Content

Night Elf Bathing by WickedBust

Mature Content

Beach Day by WickedBust

Mature Content

Have a Very Muscly, Very Nippely Rosh Hashanna! by yatz
  Illumiana Coloring by LordDaroth
Imperatrix Termagant by yacermino

Mature Content

Jebriodo's Double-Cross by devmgf

Jed's Swagger by smartuju  Swagger Walk Final by MoxyDoxy

Thank all of you for the artwork! I'm bowled over!


My friend MoxyDoxy is raising money for a musclewoman dating game- if that is something you are interested in, here is the Indiegogo page for the fundraising campaign:…

Thanks, and good luck Moxy!

Hello everyone! I am available to make commissioned artwork. If you have something you would like me to draw for you, send me a note or email and I will find a place for you on my drawing schedule.

  • Stuff I will gladly draw: Original characters, licensed characters, scenes, comics, superheroes, big muscles, furries, fantasy, monsters, erotica.
  • Stuff I won't draw: No licensed character nudity/erotica, no mutilation, no underage characters in adult situations, no likenesses of actual people in nudity/erotica, no massive deformation/inflation, no scatalogical content. I'm sure there is other stuff, but I can't call it to mind. I will add it as it comes up.
  • When I do start your drawing:
    • Any reference is welcome as are descriptions, guidelines, etc.
    • I will draw a rough sketch to work out pose and proportion and check with you to see if things look okay.
    • I will try to get any problems out of the way in the early stages of the drawing, to avoid massive reworking.
    • I will then send you an invoice, before moving on to finish the artwork.
    • I will send you scans of each stage as it is completed, for your okay and any notes on things that need fixing.
    • Once the artwork is completed I will send you a scan for any last tweaks.
      • If at this stage you have major issues you still need addressed, I will work out a fee for the fixes, based on a percentage of the original price. 
  • Payment: I accept Paypal. I will need your Paypal email address so I can send you an invoice

Prices, and links to examples:

  • Sketches: loose pencil and ink drawings. If colored, colored in Photoshop in a quick, basic manner.
    • Sketch commission prices by Jebriodo
    • For additional figures add the cost of of the B&w drawing again: Additional bust +$15, torso +$25, full figure +$35

  • Comic Pages: up to 6 panels a page, more if there are small inset panels.
    • 11"x17" standard comic page: inked= $200, colored=$300

I can either send a high resolution (300dpi) scan, or mail the original for an additional fee. Prices in US$. Payment via check or PayPal.

Thank you everyone who has commissioned me in the past, and I hope to be able to illustrate the wishes of more of you in the future!

Hello everyone:

Here is the list of people waiting for commissions. I will try to keep this up to date to keep you informed.
I also want to break the commission list into sketch commissions and more involved commissions.
The intent here is to keep a sketch commission list that will cycle a bit faster and serve those of you who want a quick drawing, and a commission list that will serve those of you who want more involved drawings.

The commission prices are over here: Commission prices

EDIT- August 2017: I am going to cap the commission list for now and not add anyone more onto it until I can finish this list off. Thanks for your patience!

Commission list:

  • End of commission list

Sketch list:

  • End of sketch list
Thanks for your patronage!

I will be drawing some pages for a project that is being kickstarted over here:…

"Couture is a collection of short comics inspired by iconic moments in fashion, drawn by 15 award-winning artists."
Artists included:
Go check it out- I'll be drawing a story that involves archeology and hidden cities.

Hey! I got some work in another comic that came out last week- sorry for the late notice:…

Thanks to my friend :iconspacefriend-t: Tazio Bettin, I got to do a bit of fill-in work, inking over his pencils on the last few pages of Titan Books' Independence Day #4.

This was I think the tightest deadline I've ever worked- 6 pages over a weekend. I slipped up and had to get the last page done on the following Moday after staying up all night inking the first 5 pages. Brutal!

Regardless, Tazio did some beautiful submarine and spacecraft drawing that was a joy to ink over. You should hunt down his art on Last year's Sally of the Wasteland too.

You can see his pencils over here:
Independence Day comicHello there!
Long time no write, and I apologize for my long absence. Time to explain: I've been working on a small contribution for the Independence Day comic published by Titan Comics, a story that ties the two movies together (the old one and the upcoming one) written by my buddy Victor Gischler.
My contribution is only limited to part of issue 4 and the entire issue 5. I only did pencils for this work, but issue 4 features the inks of my dear friend :iconjebriodo: who was so kind as to accept the job with some pretty tight deadlines.
I've published some of the pages I did for issue 4 now that it has been released. It's been an interesting challenge and I tried to push my limits as much as I could, hopefully producing some of my best pages. Well, for now.
Let me tell you. I'm working on another project. Stay tuned for news! I can only tell you it's going to be quite awesome!

Independence Day VOL.4 Pencils by Spacefriend-T  Independence Day VOL.4 Pencils (2) by Spacefriend-T  Independence Day VOL.4 Pencils (3) by Spacefriend-T
and my inks:
Independence Day #4 page 14 inks by Jebriodo  Independence Day #4 page 16 inks by Jebriodo  Independence Day #4 page 17 inks by Jebriodo
:iconatariboy2600: is in some dire straits and needs to raise cash before May in order to secure a new living space.
To do so he is doing a bunch of commissions for $45 a pop.
Paypal information is over here:
Official Crowd Funding Event.
Okay Im not to hold back in reason why Im doing this again so here it goes. After the first Crowdfunded Live-Stream was a huge success that I need to do more and for good reason seem the place where I live is only for a temporary stay and need to move out ASAP so I need to do more art in order to rise up enough money for moving and travailing. And I got till never the end of May to pull it off so Im opening my time from now till the last week of May to do as many crowd funding art   and to start of Ill open for the first 10 slots to any one like me to do art works. 
Here's some info on the funding:
 :The new 10 slots are open for 45$ commission and that this will be a thing for some time. In order to to raise the amount I needed to move Ill be doing like 10 funding about 4 times.
 :For who get the 10 spot once Im

and his commission list is over here:
Crowd Funding Artwork Statistic Report - Part 1.So far I completed some early artwork commissions for the crowd funding and here's the list so far:
Set One: On Going.
:iconodie1049: : COMPLETED.
:iconwwolfneo: : COMPLETED.
:iconwes13: : COMPLETED.
:iconmrpr1993: : COMPLETED.
:iconxilimyth: :COMPLETED.
:iconxilimyth: :COMPLETED.
:iconmistress-felysha: :COMPLETED.
:iconnatter45: :COMPLETED.
:iconelsieguen: :COMPLETED.
Set Two Pending.
:iconzets9: :COMPLETED.
:iconstrangerataru: :COMPLETED.
:icon0madness0: : COMPLETED.
:icon0madness0: : COMPLETED.
:icondanmingle: : COMPLETED.
:icondanmingle: : Slot Taken.
:iconaztec21: : Slot Taken.
:iconaztec21: : Slot Taken.
:iconatariboy2600: : Slot Taken.
:iconatariboy2600: : Slot Taken.
:The new 10 slots are open for 45$ commission eac

If you can give him a hand and in the process get some nice artwork from him, please do so.
Here's a sweet Fisticuff game-box piece he did for me a while back as an example of his work:
Strumpet Combat 2600. by Atariboy2600
Hello everyone!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! You made my day.
Special thanks to :iconsvesamikreteni: :icondevmgf: :iconritualist: :iconkissthemaniac: :iconweasselk: and :icongettar82: for the sweet birthday presents:
B-day gift for Jebriodo by svesamikreteni

Mature Content

Spine spin punch! by devmgf
Happy birthday, Jeb and John by Ritualist A Fist Full of Festivity by KissTheManiac The Brainless Based Belated Birthday Bash by KissTheManiac

Mature Content

Giftart for Jebriodo by weasselK
Jebirthday by Gettar82

Also I'd like to show off a bunch of other art trades, giftart, commissions and tournament related art from the past year featuring my gals:


I'll Fisticuff You! by Pokkuti Fisticuff at Comic Con, Part 2 by dinsidious1 Fisticuffs by FlintofMother3 Fisticuff and the Martians by Ledolicious Fisticuff commission by phil-cho

Mature Content

3DF Round 1 by TKrohne13

Mature Content

Lust In The Dust by TKrohne13
LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE by kskillz<da:thumb id="543143332"/> M2 v Fisticuff by theEvilTwin Art Trade: Fisticuff by maistromanuel

Mature Content

Fisticuff At The Cluurb by EdgarSlam
Fisticuff by Kulli Strumpet Combat 2600. by Atariboy2600

Mature Content

Punch first... by devmgf
Strumpet Combat 2600 Label And Screenshots. by Atariboy2600<da:thumb id="562705750"/> DU Chars Sketch #1 by CrystalViolet500 DU Gals by Bitkade

Fisticuff in AFL1000:
PLANET AFL: Round 1 - 1 by VexVersion PLANET AFL: Round 1 - 2 by VexVersion PLANET AFL: Round 1 - 3 by VexVersion PLANET AFL: Round 1 - 4 by VexVersion Glamorous people of AFL R1 by insane-ukulele AFL round 2 page 1 by MadMonkeyDane

Mature Content

AFL round 2 page 3 by MadMonkeyDane
AFL1000 Round 4 Preview by CrystalViolet500 AFL1000 Round 4 preview 2 by CrystalViolet500 AFL1000 Round 4 Intermission Result by CrystalViolet500 Recolor-experiment-1 by bogmonster AFL1000 Wizard - Round 4 Part 1 Artificial Fight by CrystalViolet500 AFL1000 Wizard - Round 4 Part 2 Artificial Fight by CrystalViolet500 AFL/DU: The Frost Fight 1P by AnimeCartoon

Mature Content

AFL/DU: The Frost Fight 2P by AnimeCartoon

Mature Content

AFL/DU: The Frost Fight 3P by AnimeCartoon
Spiel Brecher vs Remaining AFL Fighters pt6 by veekaizhanez Planet AFL - Sixth fight page 1 by Ritualist AFL 1000 skecthes by Ritualist AFL 1K: The Toast pg. 1 by Bug-Off AFL1K: The Toast pg. 2 by Bug-Off AFL 1K: The Toast pg. 3 by Bug-Off AFL 1K: The Toast pg. 4 by Bug-Off

Mature Content

Planet AFL - Epilogue - Page 5 by Speedslide


Mature Content

[TRADE] Quaris by MoxyDoxy

Mature Content

Quaris Art Trade for Jebriodo by johnnyharadrim


Mature Content



Also, coming out Dec 9th is a collection of my issues of Worlds' Finest:…
Worlds' Finest Vol. 6 (The New 52) Paperback – December 8, 2015
by Paul Levitz (Author), Jed Dougherty (Illustrator)

The secret history of Earth 2 continues! Jump back in time to a point when Superman and Batman were children! When a visitor from Apokolips attempts to confront the boys as part of a galactic prophesy, only one being can stand in their way: Wonder Woman!

Collects Worlds' Finest #27-32.

My own Trade Paperback- I am pretty stoked!


It's been a good year, thanks again, everyone- you make me very happy!


I will have a table at the Central Coast Comic Convention (C4) this weekend in Ventura California.
I'll be at table AA08  (I think.)

If you are nearby, stop on in and say hello!

I'll be selling the sketchbook… ,

any copies of comics I have left (with autographs thrown in!),

Wizard World 2015 Drawings for sale by Jebriodo

And original pages:
Worlds' Finest #30 Page 1 by Jebriodo Worlds' Finest #30 page 3 by Jebriodo Worlds' Finest #30 page 4 by Jebriodo

I hope to see some of you there!

Hey all:

I'll be attending SDCC, again with no table or anything. I'll try to find familiar faces in Artist's Alley and at the DC booth.


Harley Quinn #18 comes out next week I think, and features a 6 page dream sequence with art by yours truly!…
<Amanda Conner cover.

Hey everyone:
I just wanted to share some art-trades, gift-art and commissions that have come my way in the past half year. I really enjoy seeing other artists' images of my characters- it's really a nice boost.

Red vs Onyx fan art from Kaywest of pumpmonger 's battling amazons

Mature Content

Red VS Onyx [Coloured 2] by Kaywest

Quaris art trades from johnnyharadrim and MoxyDoxy 

Mature Content

Quaris Art Trade for Jebriodo by johnnyharadrim

Mature Content

[TRADE] Quaris by MoxyDoxy

Genica makes it into a line-up of charaters by KissTheManiac 
The Brainless Based Belated Birthday Bash by KissTheManiac
Fisticuff fan art by kskillz and Ledolicious 
LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE by kskillz  Fisticuff and the Martians by Ledolicious
2 lost masterpieces from 2 Dollar Fighter featuring Fisticuff and Whatchamacallit by TKrohne13

Mature Content

Lust In The Dust by TKrohne13

Mature Content

3DF Round 1 by TKrohne13

Fisti portait by phil-cho for the Unofficial Handbook of the Deviation Nation being put together by UrsaMagnus 
  Fisticuff commission by phil-cho
Fisticommission by FlintofMother3 
Fisticuffs by FlintofMother3
Fisti art-trade from the peerless Pokkuti 
I'll Fisticuff You! by Pokkuti
Fisticuff cosplay story (featuring yours truly at his curmudgeoniest) by dinsidious1 
Fisticuff at Comic Con Part 1 by dinsidious1  Fisticuff at Comic Con, Part 2 by dinsidious1
And even some Termagant fan art (!) from kskillz 

Mature Content


Hope you've found some new favorites amongst them!
I'll be at the Wizard World Las Vegas convention, April 24-26, Artists' Alley booth B32 B-56…
Wizard-world-lasvegas-map by Jebriodo
I'll be signing comics, selling the sketchbook, original pages, and doing sketches. If you're there, stop by and say hello!


It's finally up! Wynter Dark will update daily until Chapter 1 is done, then new pages will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday.

Subscribe today!… It's free!

Wynter Dark (c) Resolution Independent

Written by Pete Ford
Lineart by me
Color art by Seth Justus
Letters by Janice Chiang
I'll be coloring a piece for a commission today, over on Picarto:…

stop by if you like,
My final (and coincidentally the final one of this run of the comic) issue of Worlds' Finest is out Wednesday March 11th.
I'll be signing it and doing sketches at Arsenal Comics and Games in Newbury Park CA, if you are nearby.

Written by Paul Levitz
Art by me
Color by Chris Sotomayor
Letters by Travis Lanham

Cover by Yildiray Cinar
Worlds' Finest 32 cover by Cinar

WFINE 32 1-580x892 by Jebriodo

WFINE 32 2-580x892 by Jebriodo

WFINE 32 3-580x892 by Jebriodo

WFINE 32 4-580x892 by Jebriodo

WFINE 32 5-580x892 by Jebriodo