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(cover by Stepehn Segovia)
GLNG Annual #2 (available in stores April 30th) ends with 2 fill in pages by me. The vast bulk of the book is ably illustrated by Stephen Segovia (with inks by Jason Paz) with fill ins by Edgar Salazar. I did some fill ins for the fill in guy and tried to stay stylistically similar. Thanks to Spacegoat Productions for this bit of work- I hope to get some more comics work in the future from them.

Issue #30 of Action Comics:
(cover art by Aaron Kuder)
Will be in stores tomorrow April 2nd!

Writer Greg Pak
Artists Aaron Kuder, Karl Kerschl and myself!
Colorist Wil Quintana

As you can see from the cover, Superman fights some missiles and maybe some other stuff! (Spoilers?) There may also be a bit of flying, some heat-ray vision, some freeze-breath- who can say? There are 12 pages drawn by me throughout the middle of the comic. I am pretty happy with them, and encourage you to take a look if you are in a comic shop this week.

This issue is some sort of prelusion to the next Superman crossover, entitled DOOMED, but more importantly it may feature yours truly sneakily self portraitized on page 4!

Thanks to Spacegoat Productions I got a spot of work from DC comics recently, so I am tooting my horn a bit!

Issue #29 of Action Comics:
(cover art by Aaron Kuder)
Has 2 pages drawn by me and is out in stores today (March 5th)!

Issue #30 of Action Comics:
(cover art by Aaron Kuder)
Will have 12 pages drawn by me and be in stores April 2nd!

I'm pretty excited about getting to draw Superman, as well as getting to work on a comic for DC. Hopefully I will have more news in this vein in the future!

Hello, everyone!

I have time to do a few color commissions in the next week.

I will offer 3 digital color commissions, starting at $125 for a painted figure with background. Additional figures I'll charge more for, on a per-case basis.

If anyone is interested, reply below and I will sort out a list.

I am planning to do these all digital, with a final image comparable in quality to this recent Genica picture:
Genica Routine Sweep by Jebriodo

Hope to hear from you,


P.S: 2013 Sketchbooks still available:…

So last year I got triple tagged with this question meme thing by Tigersan, Wafan and Ayanamifan. I have been slacking off and not answering their questions for long enough, I guess?

These things always have a randomness, authoritarianess and nosiness that kind of bugs me. So I am going to answer some of their questions, but I am not passing the chain or any of that stuff.

1.) You must post the rules.
2.) Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3.) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4.) You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5.) Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6.) No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.


Fact 1: You can buy a copy of my sketchbook over here:… </shameless plug>

Fact 2: I work as an assistant to a comic artist- backgrounds, zipatone, greytones.

Fact 3: My first job after graduating college was temping on the graveyard shift at a fish packing warehouse. I was fired after a week.

Fact 4: I have a bachelor's degree in painting.

Fact 5: Though there is a rumor to this effect, my wife is not a bodybuilder.

ayanamifan's questions:

2. What is the most impressive feat of strength you have seen drawn here on DA?

I can't find it at the moment, but SuperCDR has done some nice animations of super strong women. One of the problems with feat of strength artwork is establishing scale- if a character is lifting something huge, then they often wind up being a miniscule figure in a still image. 

3. What's the best book you have read so far?

I am a poor judge of literature, so I won't say BEST, but I will say my FAVORITE book is Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe. 

5. What is the farthest you have ever been away from home?

Nepal, Chitwan Park, on a canoe in a crocodile infested river. 

6. Did art ever teach you something that helped you with other aspects of your life?

I think it has taught me patience and observation. 

8. Do you believe in the existence of an immortal soul?


9. When you are out of ideas and don't know what to draw/ paint, how do you get your creative spark back?

A lot of my art output is commissions or drawing from scripts, so when I can I like to just draw without a finished image in mind. If I am stuck for ideas, I try to use a different medium, or copy the style of someone who is making me feel like I don't know how to make artwork (try and steal their tricks so to speak). 

11. Last question... since I try to get back to drawing some and since I'm especially trying to put Kira into some interesting scenes/ situations, name at least one situation/ scene or whatever you'd be interested to see.

I would like to see Kira being heroic.

WAfan's questions:

6/ Your 3 favorite Movies?

Mystery Men, From Dusk till Dawn, Bubbleboy

10/ Who was the 1st celebrity you had a crush on, if I may ask?

Wynona Ryder

11/ Tell me the next number in this sequence: 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, --   >;D

String or nothing!

Tigersan's questions:

1. How and when did you realize you had a crush on muscular women?

First I had a crush on muscles. Then when I started getting interested in girls, I was an avid re-reader of one of my older brother's bodybuilding magazines. It had an article on Carla Dunlap and I have been stuck on musclewomen ever since.

2. Did any of the girls you know inspire you to draw/create a muscular version of her?

Yes. A gal from swim class in high school was the first one. 

4. How do you feel around women? And how would it look like if you had a chance to talk to your all time favorite FBB or fitness model?

Nervous. It would look like a sweaty guy babbling. 

6. What's your favorite theme when you create art? Sci-Fi? Fantasy? etc.


7. If you could snap your fingers and learn something new in one second what would it be?


9. If you found a lamp and genie came out offering you only one wish what would it be?

Something sad and desperate.


Now you know!



I printed up a number of sketchbooks for the C4 convention- perhaps too great a number. Anyway, I have a bunch left, and I want to sell them.

The sketchbook is 8.5" x 5.5", 24 pages and a cover, printed in color and black and white. It reproduces a variety of pencil drawings, inked drawings, color pieces, the Shading Tutorial piece and some anatomy drawings. There are some nudes in the book (nothing extreme, just some nipples) but you must be 18 years or older to purchase it.

The price is $10 per sketchbook, plus CA sales tax and shipping. You can get it via Paypal by visiting my page below:

Thank you,

Ultravixen #1 is also available in digital format!

You can pick it up at Drivethru Comics:

And at Amusedom:

The issue has been recolored and relettered (using the final script this time), under close supervision by myself and UltraVixen-The-Comic .

Print copies are available for sale at the Hound Comics site here: 
Ultravixen #1 is once again available for sale, through Hound Comics

It is available for sale at the Hound Comics site here: 

The issue has been recolored and relettered (using the final script this time), under close supervision by myself and UltraVixen-The-Comic .

Thanks to everyone involved again:
Marcelo Bravo for writing and keeping the whole thing on the rails
KevCelt for inks
annsiri for colors
ericalannelson for Character design and cover inks
JWadeWebb for cover colors
Keith Braun for letters
and Hound Comics for publishing!
Hey everyone, happy October!

I am offering to draw several Colored Sketch Commissions.

5 commission slots, prices as follows:
     :bulletblack:One (1) character in color $45
     :bulletblack:Additional characters +$30 per character
     :bulletblack:Background +$25

EDIT: Commissions are full-
I'll be doing drawings for 

The following people have first chance at a commission slot, on a first come first serve basis. They may express their interest by replying to this journal and saying "I would like a colored sketch."


After 24 hours, any remaining slots will be assigned to other people who have expressed interest by replying to this journal. (Also on a first come first serve basis.)

I look forward to drawing for you,

I will be holding down half of an artist's alley table at the C4 convention in Ventura California Sept 7th and 8th.

I will have some copies of a 2013 sketchbook printed up, and probably some copies of Glory that my artwork appeared in for sale.

No copies of Ultravixen, Wynter Dark or Luna Moth, because me drawing a comic seems to be some kind of kiss of death to publication,
But if you are at the con, stop on by and maybe get a sketch or something.


:iconaburto:Jesus Aburto posted this video of his coloring process for the Wilma Deering piece over on YouTube- check it out!…

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I have been a member of :icondeviantuniverse: for a few years- it's a shared story group that has monthly challenges and themes.

This past July Fisticuff was featured as that month's Deviant Universe All-Star character, and a number of DU folks drew up pictures of her.

I would like to thank all of you for the pictures, and showcase them here!
July DU All-Star: Fisticuff by crazyshiroAll-Star Fisticuff by Mr-GlenbroAll Stars Fisticuff by bunny75DU - All Stars: FISTICUFF by JaimeMolinaDU: Fisticuff by Markus-MkIIIDU All-Stars: Fisticuff by veekaizhanezDeviant universe All star of July: Fisticuff by Yoshphillie83DU All Stars July 2013 - Fisticuff by LatromaFisticuff #1 by Chris-V981DU: Strumpet Knockout: Fisticuff by ClockwerkSoulFisticuff by GpapantoDU All-Star - Fisticuff by GigaCake-MmmKayAll Star Fisticuff by backermanDA Universe - Fisticuff by MrPr1993
Thank you!

Also a few more Fisticuff pictures I found this month:
Boxing by bunny75Jebriodo's Fisticuff by devmgf
bunny75devmgf Thank you also!
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I'll be attending San Diego Comic Con from July 17th-20th.
I don't have a table, but I would love to meet up with any fellow deviants who are going.

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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! And thank you also for the cool birthday presents!
Happy Birthday, Jed! by johnnyharadrim:thumb340706348:Fisticuff by SweMuHappy Birthday Jed~!! by DawnsknightJebriodo Giftart by MrPr1993:thumb340794432::thumb340798051::thumb348102276:
I'm set back on my heels by all of it, thank you.

Bonus gift art from the past year as well:
DU: Dark Fisticuff by ClockwerkSoulNexus 3 Add Your Own Caption by mkonstantinov by zenx007Thunder Force Official Roster by bogmonsterThunder Force Page 7 by mja42xDU April Challenge pt.4 by LulzyRobotDU - May Challenge 5 - Mixed (Again) by D3kaB1u3Dollar Fight Winners Fanart by Lordwormm:thumb308094279:Final Round: Soccker! by Mogorron$1 Dollar Fighter 3 Champion: Fisticuff by backermanWHUD! by TazioBettinThunderForce - Lost in R.P.G. Land W.I.P. by D3kaB1u31DF 3 Winner - Fisticuff by angiepkDollar Fighter 3 Tribute by WesleyRiotDeviant Universe Page 1 by KaufeeThe Finalist by AsiangasmDollar Fighter tribute by hulkdaddygFisticuff Congrats Jed by MrPlaid81Queen of Dollar Fighter by GregatronFisticuff 3DF Tribute by MarkDobsonBest of DF3 by AshloreDollar Fighter Tributes by Chibi-TedizJust Fisticuff by Gettar82Freedom Fighters Buttons + Extra by bunny75Fisticuff vs Termagant by VictoryHeroFisticuff Animation by AngelCrusherMoney to Burn by ChuMengDeviant Universe Freedom War: Face-Off page 5 by backermanTwo-Time Dollar Queen - Fisticuff by SpeedslideDevaint Universe Last Supper by backermanDU RIVAL FACTIONS PG02 by javipascual213When Nano Met Fisticuff by Realms-And-VoidDollar fighter - Grudge Match by Ritualist
This is happening 5 by hulkdaddyg
She Came From Planet Muscle by Ripped-Pixels:thumb334218570:Larfleeze by JamesWhynotInksGolden Goddess by SweMu
Tetsuko as Ultravixen by DavidCMatthews
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[GLORY #32]
art ROSS CAMPBELL :iconmooncalfe:, OWEN GIENI owengieni, EMI LENOX EmiLenox, GREG HINKLE HinkelHaus, SLOANE LEONG :iconstrayheadache: & JED DOUGHERTY :iconjebriodo:
cover RICKEN :iconricken-art:
32 PAGES / FC / T+

Ross Campbell very kindly offered me some pages to draw in Glory #32 from Image comics, shipping in January. Thought I would noise this about, as I am so seldom published!
Thanks Ross!
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Hey everyone:

I will be headed to SDCC July 11th through the 14th. I do not have a booth or anything- once again just walking around, seeing the sights, and carrying a bunch of copies of Ultravixen #1 and hopefully a preview copy of Wynter Dark.

I will stop by the Creature Entertainment booth (Q-05) but otherwise, I am not sure where I'll be.
Send me a note and I will try to get in touch if you are at the con. So far I am looking forward to seeing
:iconmogorron: in Artist's Alley (congratulations again on being sponsored by DeviantArt!)

Here's a picture of me (thanks :iconpatrickrankin:!) so you can pick me out of the crowd. Accept no substitutes!
Jebriodo aka Jed Dougherty - Supercon Miami 2012 by PatrickRankin
I'll probably even be wearing the same shirt, but I swear I will have washed it since Supercon!

Ultravixen #1 for sale Online

Oh, also if you cannot get to SDCC, you can get a copy of Ultravixen #1 from :iconultravixen-the-comic:
Just send him a note, and he will provide the PAYPAL information necessary.
Devious Journal EntryUltra News
We will be selling issues of UltraVixen Number #1 signed by :iconjebriodo: here on Deviant Art. The first 2 people to purchase UltraVixen Number #1 will also receive a full color pin up of the character drawn by Ozzie Martin. The pin up comes on quality paper and is a nice collectors piece, you can check out a preview of the piece in our gallery. Anyone interested in purchasing a book should contact :iconjebriodo: or just drop me a note on here. We have two versions of the book available.
Regular Cover $4.00 ( Signed by Jed )
Variant Cover $6.00 ( Also signed by Jed )
Postage costs may vary depending on where the book is being shipped to. Issue number two is being colored and getting ready for letters so stay tuned.
Thanks all
Have an Ultra Day !
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Hey everybody! So with sheer bullheadedness, UltraVixen-The-Comic has gotten issue #1 of Ultravixen written, pencilled (by yours truly), inked (by Kevin Routon), colored and lettered (by Creature Entertainment… and off to the printers!
Issue #1 cover: Ultra Vixen Color Cover by UltraVixen-The-Comic Inks by Eric Alan Nelson colors by J. Wade Webb
Issue #1 Jose Varese alternate cover: UltraVixen Number #1 Alternate Cover by UltraVixen-The-Comic
UltraVixen Preview Mega Con book by UltraVixen-The-ComicUltraVixen Preview Mega-Con book Page 2 by UltraVixen-The-ComicUltraVixen Mega-Con Preview book page 3 by UltraVixen-The-ComicUltraVixen Mega-Con preview book page 4 by UltraVixen-The-ComicUltraVixen Mega-Con preview book Page 5 by UltraVixen-The-ComicUltraVixen Mega-Con Preview book Page 6 by UltraVixen-The-ComicUltraVixen Issue #1 Page 14 color by UltraVixen-The-Comic
The book will launch at FLORIDA SUPERCON, June29 - July 2, 2012 at the Miami Airport Hotel and Convention Center. I am travelling to Miami to shill the book alongside writer Marcelo Bravo UltraVixen-The-Comic and Issue #2 inker James Whynot JamesWhynotInks Booth # TBA.
At this point the print run is so small that online sales haven't been figured out yet, but we will be working on that, to get the book out to interested customers who can't make it to Florida or San Diego Comic Con next month.

I'm pretty excited! This will be my first time at a con with an actual product, as opposed to skulking around with a portfolio looking for work. I'm looking forward to meeting any Florida fans who show up!

Other News

Wynter Dark, the graphic novel I have been illustrating for Resolution Independent is chugging along and they actually have a page up about it finally! So pop on over and see the gorgeous colors that wunderkind Seth Justus is doing:…
I am really happy with how this is coming along (other than how damn slow I am; drawing pages 79-81 at present) and I should have a preview copy of this with me at San Diego next month.

And on a Final Self Congratulatory Note...
I won the One Dollar Fighter III art contest held by AngelCrusher Dollar Fighter 3: The Final! *Results!*The Winner...
After 6 weeks of fantastic battles, amazing characters with spectacular pieces of art work, in admittedly some crazy and challenging arenas, we find ourselves in the last fight, the final to crown the Dollar Fighter 3 champion.
2 epic pieces of art work from 2 brilliant artists. It was hard to decide a winner between the two as every voter had mentioned. Here are just some of the thoughts from people on the outcome of this match up.
"Two masterpieces!"
"It was a hard choice, my vote changed so many times before I posted this..."
"I seriously sat here and switched back and forth between them trying to decide..."
And I think this one sums up a lot of people's opinions...
"They are both so incredibly phenomenal! Too bad we can't have a joint winner."
But alas, there mus the one winner of the $120 cash prize and the title of Dollar Fighter king or queen..
... and the winner is...

Its time.
After 5 weeks of fighting, we have come to this moment, the Final of Dollar Figh

After 6 gruelling weeks of drawing, Fisticuff is again the 1DF champion!
$1 Dollar Fighter 3 Champion: Fisticuff by backerman(Thanks backerman for the victory image!)
Round 1 Versus :iconthemonsterfink:
Fisticuff Vs Watchamacallit: 3DF by JebriodovsGuess Who's Back Bitches by TheMonsterfink(fight not available)
Round 2 Versus :icontbpow:
Fisticuff vs. T.B. Pow: 3DF by Jebriodovs1DF - Meanwhile... by TBPow
Round 3 Versus :icondarkdancing-blades:
1DF III Round 3: Fisticuff vs Dave! by Jebriodovs1DF Round 3 vs Fisticuff by darkdancing-blades
Round 4 Versus :iconwesleyriot:
1DF III Round 4: Fisticuff vs Holly! by JebriodovsDollar Fighter 3: round 4 by WesleyRiot
Round 5  Semi Final Versus reigning 1DF Champ :iconchumeng:
1DF III Round 5: Fisticuff vs Hinotori! by Jebriodovs1 DF 3 Semi Final : Stupid Like That by ChuMeng
Round 6 Grand Final vs :iconmogorron:
3DF: Fisticuff vs Vector: Football is War by JebriodovsFinal Round: Soccker! by Mogorron

Thanks for the great contest, now I go smoke cigars rolled with dollar bills!$

bonus Fisticuff fanart and guest appearances:
3DF FIGHT1 : Feel the Power of the Force ! by wIZBURF1DF - ROCK THE BOAT by Tha-RIPPER:thumb302359046:DU - May Challenge 5 - Mixed (Again) by D3kaB1u3DU - May Challenge Final - Mixed One More Time! by D3kaB1u3Gift: Fisticuff by manga-manXDollar Fighter 3: Round 4 by SpeedslideDollar Fighter 3: Round 5 by SpeedslideThe Battle of the North Shore by Kaufee:thumb308094279:WHUD! by TazioBettinThunderForce - Lost in R.P.G. Land W.I.P. by D3kaB1u3

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So over at :icondeviantuniverse: The April challenge was to illustrate your villain character escaping from The Fortress prison, and then show said villain encountering Thunder Force!
Thunder Force Official Roster by bogmonster

Since Fisticuff is on the Team, she showed up in several comics over the month! I just want to thank all the artists who included her in there! So cool to see her clobbering her way along! Sorry that I didn't get a villain character added into the mix so I could draw some of the other characters- I will have to make up for it in 3 Dollar Fighter next month! And whatever the DeviantUniverse thing is for May...

By :iconmja42x:
Thunder Force Page 1 by mja42xThunder Force Page 2 by mja42xThunder Force Page 3 by mja42xThunder Force Page 4 by mja42xThunder Force Page 5 by mja42xThunder Force Page 6 by mja42xThunder Force Page 7 by mja42xThunder Force Page 8 by mja42x

By :iconlulzyrobot:
DU April Challenge pt.2 by LulzyRobotDU April Challenge pt.3 by LulzyRobotDU April Challenge pt.4 by LulzyRobotDU April Challenge pt.5 by LulzyRobot

By :iconthe-macattack:
DU April Pg 1 by The-MacattackDU April Pg 2 by The-Macattack
Then he draws her again in this bit where his big bad supervillain arrives to Deviant Universe!
DU Thunderforce Wireless: Page 1 by The-MacattackDU Thunderforce Wireless: Page 2 by The-Macattack

By :iconbranded-curse:
The Maneater: Page 1 by Branded-CurseThe Maneater: Page 2 by Branded-CurseThe Maneater: Page 3 by Branded-CurseThe Maneater: Page 4 by Branded-CurseThe Maneater: Page 5 by Branded-Curse

By :iconalecyl:
du april challenge page 1 by alecyldu april challenge page 2 by alecyldu april challenge page 3 by alecyldu april challenge page 4 by alecyldu april challenge page 5 by alecyl

By :iconbug-off:
DU Baal's Deal pt1 by Bug-OffDU Baal's Deal pt2 by Bug-OffDU Baal's Deal pt3 by Bug-OffDU Baal's Deal pt4 by Bug-OffDU Baal's Deal pt5 by Bug-Off

By :iconbackerman:
Deviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 1 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 2 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 3 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 4 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 5 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 6 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 7 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 8 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 9 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 10 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 11 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 12 by backermanDeviant Universe Massacre at Asylum Island page 13 by backerman

By :iconanimecartoon:
DU: Magical Madness P1 by AnimeCartoonDU: Magical Madness P2 by AnimeCartoonDU: Magical Madness P3 by AnimeCartoonDU: Magical Madness P4 by AnimeCartoon

By :icondarkdancing-blades:
DU april challenge page 1 by darkdancing-bladesDU april challenge page 2 by darkdancing-bladesDU april challenge page 3 by darkdancing-bladesDU april challenge page 4 by darkdancing-bladesDU april challenge page 5 by darkdancing-bladesDU april challenge page 6 by darkdancing-blades

Bonus Fisticuff Envoy showdown by :icontaziobettin:!
Fisticuff vs Envoy by TazioBettin
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Out of Office

Thu Mar 8, 2012, 3:40 PM
I'll be away for a bit- sorry for any slowness in responding!


Visit the FemaleMuscle Club :iconfemalemuscle:

Commission information
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January Commisions: Full

Thu Jan 12, 2012, 11:58 PM
Okay- looks like I have more than enough customers! Thank you!


I have finally gotten through the huge list of commissions I overcommitted myself to more than a year ago! Thank you for your patience if you were on that list!

So, none the wiser for wear, I am going to start offering commissions again!

Well, a little the wiser. I am going to limit the number of commissions to avoid getting the kind of ridiculous waiting list I have gotten in the past.

I am going to offer four (4) color sketch commissions, one per customer, first come, first serve. These drawings are limited to one character with minimal or no background. I charge $50 for these.

I am also going to offer two (2) larger commissions (prices vary with size and medium, see link below). Again, one per customer, first come first serve.
Commission prices:…

I reserve the right to refuse customers if I am not comfortable drawing their request.

I take payment via Paypal, half up front, half on completion of the work.

So, if you're interested, send me a note titled January Commission, and tell me what you want drawn! When we work out what you want drawn, I will add you to the list below.

Color sketches:
1. :iconicywolfy:
2. :iconatomskmaster6:
3. :icongigicatgirl:
4. :iconkeithrchapman:

Larger Commisions:
1. :iconsteelknight3000:
2. :iconbrianthomasx:


Visit the FemaleMuscle Club :iconfemalemuscle:

Commission information
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