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It's finally up! Wynter Dark will update daily until Chapter 1 is done, then new pages will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday.

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Wynter Dark (c) Resolution Independent

Written by Pete Ford
Lineart by me
Color art by Seth Justus
Letters by Janice Chiang
I'll be coloring a piece fora commission today, over on Picarto:…
I hear it is a better streaming site than Livestream, so I'll give it a try.

stop by if you like,
My final (and coincidentally the final one of this run of the comic) issue of Worlds' Finest is out Wednesday March 11th.
I'll be signing it and doing sketches at Arsenal Comics and Games in Newbury Park CA, if you are nearby.

Written by Paul Levitz
Art by me
Color by Chris Sotomayor
Letters by Travis Lanham

Cover by Yildiray Cinar
Worlds' Finest 32 cover by Cinar

WFINE 32 1-580x892 by Jebriodo

WFINE 32 2-580x892 by Jebriodo

WFINE 32 3-580x892 by Jebriodo

WFINE 32 4-580x892 by Jebriodo

WFINE 32 5-580x892 by Jebriodo
Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Me
Color by Chris Sotomayor
Letters by Travis Lanham

There's trouble a'brewin' down at the ol' Metroplex!
Wfine 31 1 by JebriodoWfine 31 2 by JebriodoWfine 31 3 by JebriodoWfine 31 4 by JebriodoWfine 31 5 by Jebriodo
Batman Eternal #42 is out this week:…
Script by Kyle Higgins
Art by Myself, Goran Sudzuka and Roger Robinson
Color by Lee Loughridge
Letters by Steve Wands

I drew the first bunch of pages dealing with Bluebird, then the very capable Goran Sudzuka takes over. The scenes with Spoiler and her mom are drawn by Robinson.
Batman Eternal #42 page 1 by Jebriodo

Batman Eternal #42 Pages 2-3 by Jebriodo
Worlds' Finest 30 cover by Cinar
Cover by Cinar and GabeEltaeb

Written by Paul Levitz
Art by me
Color by Chris Sotomayor

Wfine 30 1 by Jebriodo
Wfine 30 2 by Jebriodo
Wfine 30 3 by Jebriodo
Wfine 30 4 by Jebriodo
Wfine 30 5 by Jebriodo
Here's the solicitation text, which is pretty accurate this time out:
"The secret history of Earth-2 continues! Superman tracks an Apokolips probe to Paradise, where finds an older woman – and she’s a wonder he never expected to meet! Meanwhile, Batman and Lois Lane collide on the trail of terrorists, but find a thief who’s way ahead of them…"

Written by:
Paul Levitz
Art by:
Jed Dougherty
Colors by:
Chris Sotomayor
Cover by:
Yildiray Cinar (which you can see below)
Worlds' Finest 29 cover by Cinar

Worlds-Finest-29-Page-1 by JebriodoWorlds-Finest-29-Page-2-3 by JebriodoWorlds-Finest-29-Page-4 by JebriodoWorlds-Finest-29-Page-5 by JebriodoWorlds-Finest-29-Page-6 by Jebriodo

Strumpet Combat by bunny75Thanks #bunny75 ! This is so cool!
Genica for Jebriodo by RitualistAnd to #ritualist
 For Jeb's Birthday by RedSilverArtistAnd #redsilverartist 
Birthday Jeb by Gettar82And #gettar82
 Birthday Gift by TazioBettinAnd #taziobettin 
Midlife Crisis! by refaalAnd #refaal
Happy Birthday Jebriodo 2014 by Un-DebidoAnd Un-Debido

Other artwork gifts from throughout the year:
Hero sketch by hulkdaddygThanks to #hulkdaddyg
 Fisticuff by RitzBerettaAnd to #RitzBeretta
 Kiss With a Fist - 1 by insane-ukuleleAnd to #insane-ukelele

You guys made my day and my year! It makes getting old and gray so much nicer!
Pages from Worlds' Finest #28 from DC comics.
Cover by Emanuela Lupacchino
Written by Paul Levitz
Art by me
Colors by Blond
In stores Nov 12th.

Lots of Wonder Woman in this one which was fun to draw, and some young Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne which was challenging:…

"A comics series dealing with bullying, to be distributed free by organizations such as GLAAD, Stand for the Silent, and Prism Comics."

This anthology comic book will include a plethora of stories by different creators, including the Freakshow comic written by Spencer Perry and illustrated by me.
Freakshow-p1 by JebriodoFreakshow-p2 by JebriodoFreakshow-p3 by JebriodoFreakshow-p4 by JebriodoFreakshow-p5 by Jebriodo
Written by Paul Levitz
Pencils by Jed Dougherty
Inks by Scott Hanna
Colors by Blond
Cover by Stephen Segovia

Here's the first several pages:

I'll be on this book through Issue #32- hopefully some of you will enjoy it!
STORY BY Jeff Lemire
ART BY Jed Dougherty
COLORS BY Gabe Eltaeb
LETTERS BY Taylor Esposito
COVER BY Mike McKone & Gabe Eltaeb

Concluding the story begun in last week's Justice League United: Futures End- this should be in stores tomorrow Sept 17th.
STORY BY Jeff Lemire
ART BY Jed Dougherty
COLORS BY Gabe Eltaeb
LETTERS BY Dezi Sienty

I will have an artist's alley table at the C4 con in Ventura, CA this weekend:

I'll be at table B44 in the back of San Miguel Hall- across from the Stormtroopers, sandwiched between Meredith Newcom and Bob Jewerly.

So if you are attending the con, stop by and say hello. I'll be feverishly working on comics and selling the Sketchbook and a couple prints.
I'll have artwork in a new comic coming out Sept 10th:…

Justice League United: Futures End #1
Written by Jeff Lemire, drawn by me, colored by Gaberiel Eltaeb, cover by Mike McKone.

Contrary to what the solicitation text says, this is the first part of a two issue story that will continue Sept 17th in Justice League: Futures End #1 which is also drawn by me.…

Anyway, this story features Equinox: a young Cree superheroine who defends the Canadian wilderness, as well as more established characters such as Cyborg and The Flash, embarking on a mission to Mars to help the Martian Manhunter.

I'm getting some steady work drawing for DC comics, so I will let you guys know when more issues are available. I'll also try to get some preview pages up here if DC releases any.

Take care,

My long time friend and Ultravixen creator :iconmaelstrommediacomics: Marcelo Bravo (writer) and artist :iconericalannelson: Eric Alan Nelson are running a very successful Kickstarter campaign for their comic Prymal the Jungle Warrior.…

As one of the stretch goals, they are offering a Prymal Pin-up Book, for which I have drawn Prymal fighting bat-monsters, which you can see above. This will be inked by JamesWhynotInks James Whynot and colored by RYu0453 Russell Vincent Yu.

More information is over on the Prymal Facebook:…
(cover by Stepehn Segovia)
GLNG Annual #2 (available in stores April 30th) ends with 2 fill in pages by me. The vast bulk of the book is ably illustrated by Stephen Segovia (with inks by Jason Paz) with fill ins by Edgar Salazar. I did some fill ins for the fill in guy and tried to stay stylistically similar. Thanks to Spacegoat Productions for this bit of work- I hope to get some more comics work in the future from them.

Issue #30 of Action Comics:
(cover art by Aaron Kuder)
Will be in stores tomorrow April 2nd!

Writer Greg Pak
Artists Aaron Kuder, Karl Kerschl and myself!
Colorist Wil Quintana

As you can see from the cover, Superman fights some missiles and maybe some other stuff! (Spoilers?) There may also be a bit of flying, some heat-ray vision, some freeze-breath- who can say? There are 12 pages drawn by me throughout the middle of the comic. I am pretty happy with them, and encourage you to take a look if you are in a comic shop this week.

This issue is some sort of prelusion to the next Superman crossover, entitled DOOMED, but more importantly it may feature yours truly sneakily self portraitized on page 4!

Thanks to Spacegoat Productions I got a spot of work from DC comics recently, so I am tooting my horn a bit!

Issue #29 of Action Comics:
(cover art by Aaron Kuder)
Has 2 pages drawn by me and is out in stores today (March 5th)!

Issue #30 of Action Comics:
(cover art by Aaron Kuder)
Will have 12 pages drawn by me and be in stores April 2nd!

I'm pretty excited about getting to draw Superman, as well as getting to work on a comic for DC. Hopefully I will have more news in this vein in the future!

Hello, everyone!

I have time to do a few color commissions in the next week.

I will offer 3 digital color commissions, starting at $125 for a painted figure with background. Additional figures I'll charge more for, on a per-case basis.

If anyone is interested, reply below and I will sort out a list.

I am planning to do these all digital, with a final image comparable in quality to this recent Genica picture:
Genica Routine Sweep by Jebriodo

Hope to hear from you,


P.S: 2013 Sketchbooks still available:…